Family Law

amily-law-el-paso-wes-lawDivorce, custody arrangements and child support evoke some of the most powerful emotions we can experience. The end of a marriage and the tangled web of dividing property and determining living arrangements and child support is similar to death and can seem too much to bear.

Divorces can be a complicated process, no matter how much the couple wants to work together to end the marriage. If there are raw emotions and there are assets to divide, or there are debts to take into consideration, who gets what can become complicated and messy.

Having calm guidance through this emotionally painful, complex process is a must. When deciding who the children will live with, who will pay child support and medical insurance and how much of each can bring out the worst in people.

If you or your spouse wants out of your marriage come speak to me to discuss your options. Unless there is no hope for reconciliation, the court may order couples counseling in an attempt to maintain the marriage. Whether or not there is hope in your situation it is important to know the process and what to expect. It is also important to have your rights looked after and to maintain good standing with your children. Getting a good lawyer who can calmly guide you through this process is an important first step.

When you need to discuss a family law matter, I will provide a listening ear and help you determine what type of assistance you need and explain your options and the steps to moving on together or apart. Under no circumstance should you ignore the issue or fail to hire a lawyer if your spouse has hired one. If you are seeking a divorce or facing one against your will, I am here to help.